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Jeremiah 4-6
What I Noticed Today (Jeremiah 4-6) Jeremiah 4 In verses 1-4 God promises that IF the people of Israel will[...]
Jeremiah 1-3
What I Noticed Today (Jeremiah 1-3) There is a short introduction to the book of Jeremiah available. Click here to read.[...]
Isaiah 64-66
What I Noticed Today (Isaiah 64-66) Isaiah 64 The prayerful plea of the remnant continues in verses 1-7. In verses[...]
Isaiah 58-63
What I Noticed Today (Isaiah 58-63) Isaiah 58-66 This is the final nine-chapter section of the book of Isaiah. In[...]
Isaiah 52-57
What I Noticed Today (Isaiah 52-57) Isaiah 52 In verses 1-6 the third call to wake-up is issued. This time[...]
Isaiah 47-51
What I Noticed Today (Isaiah 47-51) Isaiah 47 In Isaiah 47 Isaiah describes the fall of Babylon over 150-years beforehand.[...]
Chronological Bible Study – Aug 15
What I Noticed Today (Jeremiah 30-31) Jeremiah 30-33 Jeremiah 30-33 are referred to as “The Book of Consolation” because these[...]
Chronological Bible Study – Aug 14
What I Noticed Today (Jeremiah 26-29) Jeremiah 26-29 In Jeremiah 1-25 Jeremiah’s focus was on proclaiming God’s Word and warning[...]
Chronological Bible Study – Aug 13
What I Noticed Today (Jeremiah 23-25) Jeremiah 23 In verses 1-4 Jeremiah pronounces a woe to the shepherds (priests, prophets,[...]
Chronological Bible Study – Aug 12
What I Noticed Today (Jeremiah 18-22) Jeremiah 18-20 Jeremiah 18-20 is Jeremiah’s ninth message to the people of Judah and[...]
Chronological Bible Study – Aug 11
What I Noticed Today (Jeremiah 14-17) Jeremiah 14-20 Jeremiah 14-20 jump back about seven years to 605 B.C. Jeremiah 14[...]
Chronological Bible Study – Aug 10
What I Noticed Today (Jeremiah 10-13) Jeremiah 10 In verses 10-16 Jeremiah addresses the whole house of Israel (all the[...]